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Looking for a Job?

Are you one of those million people who were unemployed and looking for a new job? I must say, you won't be having problem now as you can find seek job in the Lightship Research. I am glad to hear that other people find their own ways or other ways to seek for an income. To stand up, when they fall. Check out some of the testimonial a job seeker seek through Lightship Research. Hope it would encourage you to do the Research too;

"I had a real problem paying someone to help me find a job. Which is funny now that I have evaluated it. I make $200K a year and that’s $3900 a week, I lose when I am unemployed. They told me when I went to outplacement to expect it to take 6 to 12 months to change jobs at my level. Of course, the outplacement firm really didn’t do anything but parade franchise salesmen to serve coffee to us. Well, Lightship Research helped me implement their Reverse Search Program and I was re-employed in 12 weeks, at a minimum that was a savings of $50K. They charged me $1700. If you’re like me, you may want to apply the same rules and analysis that you use in business decisions to your own career, which of course is a money producing business. These guys got it right."


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