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Magic Sing won’t work..

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"Isn’t it broken?" That's the question I asked my Bana when I saw him configuring the MagicSing. He was trying to configure what’s going on with our brand new magic sing microphone last Friday. Unfortunately, for hours and hours of configuring it, still nothing happen. We had it hook before and used it for months now, after we unplug everything, [we decided to bring this to my MIL for fun] and went back home [we never used it there] now. It is not working. You can turn it one but nothing’s in the TV screen. It says, NO PICTURE, NO SONG DATA, NO VIDEO. Its all green, with some configuration but nothing happens.

So, the supposed to be sing-along Friday turned out nothing. After Bana and I both did our best to fix it by ourselves. We determined to give up and anticipate doing it once again in the morning. It might work. But if not, we’ll prolly call the customer service and ask for some assistance over the phone. Therefore, if nothing really works, we can send it back as it has a 1 year warranty in it.

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