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Friendship and Best Blogger Awards 2009

Wonderful Things in Life, and My so-called Life again have showered me a wonderful grace. This time being The blogger Award and Friendship Award. Isn't that fabulous? Definitely! and will treasure this for her being so honest and thoughtful to me as well. Thank so much.
1. Take your award here.
2. Put the logo on your post.
3. Link the person who awarded you.
4. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
5. Add links to those blogs on yours.
6. Leave a messages for your nominees on their blog.

Now I want to pass this award to: Shimumsy_Republic of A, SexyMom-Unpredictable Life, Rosemarie-Deeply Inlove, Rare Jonrez - Rare Ordinary Thoughts, Portia Speaks, Ovah' Coffee and Nishas world and Baby Alisha



  1. well deserved! congratulations!

  2. hello, i'm being introduce by my aunt melda in this site, hope you will welcome me here. thank you.can i add you ate?

  3. Congrats on your blogger Award and Friendship Award!

  4. Tess: Thanks a lot

  5. Ayen: Oh...I am flattered, you the niece of Imelda? it's my pleasure to welcome you in my page, sure I'll add you right now and hope you'll do the same thing. sweet...

  6. u definitely deserve this award sis. :)

    you're welcome and thank u too. mwah!

  7. P.S thanks for the add :) hope you have a wonderful week ahead.


  8. ate, i cant add you, the ym is rejecting your contact, i dont know if mali lang ako ng type. redbutterfly_if po di ba? mine is bitchy_i thanks po.

  9. Its truly, truly, truly amazing sis!! its beautiful.. congratulations and thanks a million :-)

    Will post it soon :-)


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