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Boiled Eggplant

Have you tried eating a boiled eggplant? I used to eat that when I was in Philippines, we do have a common small sizes of eggplant right? And they’ve got massive sizes here in US. And since, I am craving for that, we bought one and I makes sure that I have enough eggplant for the other side dish that I am making. And so, here it looks like;

Boiled Eggplant Salad

I have vinegar, ginger, onion and salt mixed as my sauce. It is sort of a salad eggplant. I am stuffed after the preparation. Oh by the way, I was the only person who ate the whole eggplant, why? It is not that I’m greedy; Bana doesn’t like eggplant at all. For him, he finds it YUCK!!! LOL…



  1. Wishing you a great weekend!

  2. I love eggplants. Whenever I go to an oriental store I would always buy some. Next time I have eggplants, I'll try your recipe.

  3. I like eggplants but never tried your recipe. I may get some eggplants in the market later and try to do this one...thanks for sharing..

  4. haven't tried boiled, sis....i always prefer fried. yummy!

  5. Gorgeous Mum: Thanks for the visit.

  6. Mari: Same here, love eggplants too.. just try it and come back if you like that taste. dip it with vinegar with salt

  7. Idealpinkrose: i do hope you'll like my recipe.. come back here again and tell me if you like it

  8. Lynn: just try once te lynn who knows you might like it... hehehe


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