SuPeRnOvA and SwEeTpAiN: Hubby's Birthday! | SuPeRnOvA and SwEeTpAiN
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Hubby's Birthday!

You complete me. Thank you so much for being the other half part of my life. Without you I will be empty. You have given me the most happy lives could ever imagine. And I will expect to live with you for the rest of my life. I Thank God for sending you to me. Good Health, more blessings, success in work and family and most of all stay being humble and helpful and down to earth. That's where I fall for you a lot.

For my ONE and ONLY Mahal!


  1. hi sister!! happy b-day to your dear bana, may he have many many more b-days to come, more blessing, happiness and love..

  2. happy bday to ur beloved hubby, sis. all the best for him. (",)

  3. Ate happy bday to your other half. you are certified sweetness. your both bless to have each other.

  4. Thank you all, ....


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