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Totally not having a good day

I was shocked seeing one of my friend today when she looks like she's not having a great day. Reason why? Because you can take a good look at her eyes. She have those eye bags both eyes. She's been telling how difficult for her to work and work and work.

Which reminds me of my college days. During the 4th year of my course, it was the time that we have to double our work, from the thesis to the programs up to the passing grade of each single minor and major classes. I don't even know where to start here, but I'm pretty sure that I have noticed myself one day after we have our yearbook picture taken. I didn't see myself in the mirror during that day, until I just got the copy of our yearbook picture and I have these big eye bags. I was freaking out because a month after that yearbook pictorial is our graduation night.

I was really helpless on how to get ride of the eye bags, aside from sleeping a lot. I could not do that, it is impossible to do during that time. Since, I am after the grades and finishing my thesis. I talked to my friends and my Mom, good thing one remedy of getting rid of eye bags is the eye creams, I never heard about that until my Mom suggested me to used it often. To make sure that by the time our Graduation Ball is in, I won't be able to get conscious of carrying those big eye bags.

It was simple, I thought my problem won't be able to fix, happy that you have Mom to advice and to learn a lot of things from them.

So if you want to get rid of those huge eye bags and wanting to look pretty everyday? Try the eye creams. It works pretty good.

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