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I might change

Although I was introduce with the Windows OS the first time I started to learn about computer. I still am very curious of the other Operating System that we have aside from the Windows. Mac OS is one of the famous Operating System and never did I ever use this kind of Operating system before.

We have computers at home nor in the schools, but everyone is very much focus of the other operating system. And was thought with the different operating system. Although there might be a little bit of similarity in each OS.

As I was planning to buy a new laptop in the future and I was to make sure that I have the Mac OS in it. But before getting into a totally different pace. I have to at least learn something on the operating system, probably a tutorial is a very much helpful ways.

I also have found out that there are so many ways I have to learn on Mac OS so, I better start it with Using Apple Remote Desktop ADR to Deploy Items. This is very much interesting, and I am very thankful that I found because without the articles they have I would have no idea of where I could find a great tutorial for Mac OS.


  1. spending a lovely weekend hopping around. enjoy the rest o the day!

  2. product of change again. i dnt know too if il get to like this new OS. but it must be good. we'll see. . .

  3. Hi Nova, sorry if I had not been here for quite a time. Hope you had a wonderful July 4th weekend.

    Change brings us growth, if we are not intimidated by it, we get our rewards. Hope you well.

    I already include this site to my blog link so that I will always be reminded to visit you here :)

  4. hi gwaps musta na? heheheh laag ko dri bah. tag for u sis

  5. Microsoft OS are still the most widely-used OS around. Though Mac will probably be the better choice. It's all in the preference.
    Would you perform better if you move from Windows to Mac? Thing about it dear. :)


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