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June 2008, Entrecard Top 10

Thankful to this bloggers who keep coming to give me a drop for a month. I want to wish all of them more happy blogging all the way. Here they are;

Online Marketing 27
my review 27
Zero 25
Cacai's Step and Journey 24
Living with Purpose 20
Yashiro 19
We live to tell God's Amazing Grace 19
Jean sQuared 18
Klinika Kinetics 16
C'est La Vie 15


  1. oi.. thanks for the recognition sis.. I will be just here.. muahhh!

  2. Visiting you from Manila!

  3. Congratulations for having regular ec droppers! Hope I can join your list next month :-)

    Btw, I got an award for you. Grab it here

  4. Hi! I think we almost have the same top droppers. ^^ I like your site layout. neat.

    ano po ung SPOTTT? do you earn from that? thanks.


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