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Device to monitor the employee

I remember way back in my hometown, that our administration monitors the employee when it comes to computer networking and I do find that they are not as strict as here. Maybe because , we do not abuse everything that is free and unlimited and would rather focus to our jobs than browsing, chatting or even playings games online.

This is the very first time that I was employed under a foreign country. Obviously because I live in another country now. After being employed for almost four months now, I just realized how strict the company is and I do not blame them too. For the reason that, there are some employee who are abusive. So they have this device to monitor the employees or much known as Employee monitoring. It would be easier and simple and quick for the administration to monitor who is working or abusive while office hours.


  1. Some employees really can't help slacking off and visit non-work related sites sometimes.
    Well, they do deserve to take a break from time to time, but not in this manner. Working all day is enough to drive one nuts.

  2. Well, If its a company policy to put some devices like that in order to monitor the output of the employees then no questions to that. Especially right now that the world is experiencing recession. Its better than we loss our job. Its one way to maximize every employee. Time is precious.


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