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Dinner with Friend

Last night I made dinner for us and also for my husband's co-worker who helped him fix the bathroom. I was excited every time we have friends who comes over and hang out. I am a kind of person who would prefer to have friends come over than spending too much money outside like in the bar and such.

After I made the dinner, the two went downstairs for suffer. I made baked spaghetti which by the way my husband's favorite. It is kinda spices and not like the usual spaghetti that you eat and make. I have fried rice with egg, and hotdog and the fish fillet.

We have fun and I like having someone to join with us during dinner. Because being me and my husband sometimes is boring/lonely.

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  1. Hmm.. I love pasta! :) It's nice to have visitors over sometimes. You get to bond with them and have a good time.
    Fried rice and egg sounds like a good breakfast meal. LOL!


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