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MagicJack Renewal

I almost forgot to renew my MagicJack today. Good thing that when I looked in our calendar I marked down the date of the last day to renew. Whew!!! that is one of a relief. Now I won't think about my license as I do paid for it for about 5 yrs now. At least that won't be out of my mind for at least 4 years.

Although I still got one to renew the one that I bought for my family in Philippines. But I am still thinking and doubtful because they don't really use it as often as I do. I might be wasting money for the renewal. But we'll see, I might renew it for at least a year for now.

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  1. Cool... you guys own a Magic Jack? We used to own a similar device. But it didn't really became a hit in our place, so we ended up not really using it.


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