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One of the application that amuses me

One of the facebook's application that I kept coming back on the website is the famous known as Tag Your Mate. I am not into this website before until one of my friend encourage me to join for the fun. And she never fails my expectation. Having someone you tag while knowing other people aside from your friend is worth it on Facebook. One of their famous application lately is tagging your mate or known as passing article to your friends. If you have not tried it before log in into your account and try the website or the direct link that I have here. I rest assure you, you will have a good time. Just like I did.


  1. A lot of Facebook users are really into this tagging. It can get a little annoying though.
    I felt like Facebook spammed me with e-mails telling me that I was tag by whoever because of this. X(

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  3. thanks for the info sis. ako kay sa farming man sa FB na addict. ka try na ka farming? try farm town, nindot. (",)


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