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Almost Full

After buying and gathering all the gifts for Christmas which by the way for my Family in Philippines. I am finally get almost full for all of them. And unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to send them this month of October but hopefully next month which is November. I don't care that much if they won't have it by December at least they have some present or pasalubong to wait after Christmas right?

This is exclusively for family only. I was thinking for my amigas, but I was thinking to bring pasalubong or present when we visits Philippines soon.


  1. wow! super excited na family mo for sure for their presents. how much pud magasto sa balikbayan box sis?

  2. @lynn:they all are... didn't tell them what they'll get i would rather surprise them..

    cost, depende sa imong courier dear....kaning akoa kay as long as masigo tanan sa box $99 ra...

  3. Sis pasko na gyod, na malipay gyod na imong family labina gikan diri..
    by the way umaliay ta mi pero palpak man among negosasyon sa house. OO for good nata.. Hulat napod mi ana kon anus a mahalin ang house diri..

    Salamat sa visit ug sa comments...i appreciate it


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