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Great Invites

A great invites with a discount pricing can be found only at these website. That I just also found recently while surfing online for a birth announcements. Take note not only for a single invites or invitation but for the whole invitation they have a 35% discount. Would you imagine if you have party, or occasion in the future. You don't need to pay for an expensive invitation.

Also I do found out that guest would be amused and would eager to come to your event/party just by seeing how fancy your invitations are. You can also customized your designs, especially when it comes to a wedding invites where there is motif and what found and envelops should it comes with.

Since, We are planning to get married again in Philippines and this time its our Church wedding. I know exactly know where or what website to go and purchase my wedding invites is. Bookmark the page now so you won't get lost the same thing as I did.


  1. Nova, you always find very interesting sites.

  2. @pietro: thank you so much....i'm glad you find it very interesting


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