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Car parts for my friend

I have a very nice american friend here, who also loves Filipinos. And No I don't take advantage to her kindness because we both give and take. I just like her much because I can see how nice and kind she is and I can feel that I can trust her. Actually she has a boyfriend who is Filipino and had kids with him.

She have her own truck which is great because that is really a good thing when you live here in USA. She got problems with her truck lately for it makes some odd noise whenever she turns the heater on. Nowadays on this month we have to make sure that we have heater on our car for the reason that whether it is still our fall season we were snowed since yesterday evening.

In order to help here I gave here the website which I found online for car parts that she might actually needed to fix her car. She was happy because it gives her ideas where to find and buy parts for her car this time without going to the store.

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