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More of Kiss Collection

That is right. Earlier I make a post about the collection of Jeff's Kiss Status collection. And today I am continuously posting about some added collection he just bought recently at WalMart. Can you spot those 4 different potato heads, and a blanket. Those are the additional Kiss Collection he just bought. Along with their new album that I don't even know what's the tittle.

If I have the time to go upstairs and bring with me may camera. I rest assure you to share his other collection that is still on the boxes.

He actually had started it before we meet, and when he was still on his adolescence. Crazy but that's what he is.


  1. hi sis, so we have the same pc problem.. hahahaha.. i been dealing this hang-ups for few months i even bought a new memory thinking that is the memory that is acting up but I was wrong.

  2. Hello sis wow galing naman ng collection ni papa jeff mo. hanggang ngaun pa din nag cocollect siya?

  3. Wow dami nman niyan sis. At least may pinagkakaabalahan ang Husbandry mo.

  4. wow ate pareho cila ng bf ko, nag cocolect din ng mga favorite artist niyang stuff. Isa na yang KISS.. do i hate it kc di ko gusto yung meaning behind their band name wla naman ako ma say against his hobbies kc dun sya happy. hehe

  5. kiss collection. nice. but wasn't aware of this character until now. wa guro na diri sa atong nasud sis. hehe.

  6. @prettymom:hmmmm might be the RAM dear or better reformat your computer and delete those unnecessary files you have...

    @Imelda: every single item that he'll find about KISS, he'll buy it, for his collection and he has a point that someday all this item will be antique and we can sell it in a much higher price...that's when he die first...

    @shydub: yup, at least that's his hobbies, sometimes he knows that life is more practical than buying his collection too...

    @yen: i dont know what's the meaning behind that kiss name, will you tell me? or i should asked my husband about it...

    @lynn: when you get here sa USA.. .you'll know them, they are super popular that you would not imagine of now knowing them when your there. that's what i thought too.. kay worldwide sila jud sis...

  7. Haha! Yeah! I actually find your husband very cool. There are not that many people who continue their collection after getting married. And to know that your husband is in to Kiss makes it even cooler. :D


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