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Cheater Catcher

They say that you much follow whatever your instinct says. Especially when you have a feelings something about your husband flirting with someone else. It is not that you don't trust your husband/wife but when you feel something that is really not good. And when you think the your husband or wife has a different treatment towards you. There might be some changes and other superstitious things they are doing behind your back.

Well in order not to break anything, first you must have to make sure that the phone numbers he's been calling is really business related numbers. Not just some fake names on somebody's phone number. In order to catch him/her I know a website where you can check and caught a cheater. It is known as I really hope this will work out for you.


  1. Beautiful post, Nova.
    In effect, sometimes a magic crystal ball would be very useful! ;-)

  2. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Uu sis, hahhaha nililigo ko dati yan nung single pa ako before ako matulog. kaya ang kumot ko namumuti sa powder.

  3. hello blogwalking friend nice see u

  4. @pietro: thanks dear.. really i never tried that magic ball...

    @Avee: hehehe... great... same thing here, just love the smell of baby powder.

    @ipin: glad you visit me..thanks...


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