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Two light pumpkin

Halloween is fast approaching, and YES we are also getting ready for the decors. We bought two light pumpkin at Walmart a month ago for the porch. And I am very much excited to to light and put them there.

I was thinking of sending some at home. Because I am not sure if I did find pumpkins during our halloween celebration, but we'll see about it as my balikbayan box is almost full.

Do you have any plans for the incoming Halloween?


  1. They are funny! Nice post!

  2. hi sis. nice to be back here again after a long time. how's everything? have a happy halloween.

  3. they're cute sis. :)

  4. @pietro:thanks for the visit

    @alf: thanks for the visit and its nice to hear from you again...

    @lynn:thanks te lynn


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