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Patience is a Virtue

I do believe of that quote. But sometimes I am so beyond my head that I could not be more patience and control my emotion. I am not having fight over some person, instead I am fighting over some thing that I wish I have done something about it a long time ago. I'm talking about how so slow my computer is. From downloading a website or blog to functioning to every single command that I asked.

I tell you, I have to sit for at least 1 minute or 3 just to finished one website to download. Which is totally Sucks!!!!

I was planning to reformat the whole operating system, because it might be one of the cause. For all the viruses in the computer and since I do not have those hightech and update antivirus and just download those free edition there are million virus that might be hanging around and partying in my computer's system.

I just can't wait, I must have enough time to reformat everything. Hopefully I can find another hardware where I have to backup our files so I can clean everything from a scratch.


  1. that happens to me also, restarting my pc can drain the patience i have hahaha..

  2. Its my struggle, I really don't have patience. This is why I always stumble. hehe

  3. My computer is a bit slow too, but that's right because I have a 56K modem connection!

  4. na, makasapot jud raba ng dugay mu download ay. and like u, i dont have that much patience too. pa check na lang sis, basi naa na virus.

  5. @prettymom: thanks for the sympathy... makasapot jud

    @yen:now i feel better, knowing it is not just me who suffers this situation..

    @pietro:well your situation is acceptable, you can try to buy new modem on ebay dear..

    @lynn: basin jud naay virus ni ba. kay akong edition free ra tas i surf unlimited to all the sites i want to visit...

  6. Antivirus software is very essential, and that should always be installed in any computer. Your system is always exposed to a lot of viruses everyday every time you go online. You may just download free antivirus like AVG and update it every time you go online.


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