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I am not talking about another batch of updating my blog. But this time it would be my blogger's site. The one you can find on my side bar. Well, I told myself it is about time to update whether this blog exist or not. Whether I am on their list or not. I want to be fair just like anybody else. And I bet you all will understand.

I do found A LOT of the blogs / website where I have their links working but yet, I do not find my link on their list. So to be fair, I humbly remove their links as they have done to mine.

If you think you still want to exchange link with me. I am still willing to exchanged links with you. But make sure that you tell me first if you have decided to delete my link or not.

I thank you for exchanging links with me. A pleasure do it with you. I am still open to those who wished to exchange links.

to be continue.....


  1. hello soon to be mommy! how was your weekend? I am also going to clean my link list soon.. some of the blogs in my link list is not active.

  2. Anonymous11:01 AM

    hi Nova, Kumusta ang new york. Hows life na? Preggy na ka? WOW! kanus a ka manganak dhay?

  3. @prettymom:weekend is tireful, saon i have work on saturday for 8 hours and talking for the maximum of hours makes me tired...

    @bernadeth:new york is cold, life is amazing, and yes i'm on my 24 weeks now. my due will be on feb. 11, 2010


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