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I am not talking about another batch of updating my blog. But this time it would be my blogger's site. The one you can find on my side bar. Well, I told myself it is about time to update whether this blog exist or not. Whether I am on their list or not. I want to be fair just like anybody else. And I bet you all will understand.

I do found A LOT of the blogs / website where I have their links working but yet, I do not find my link on their list. So to be fair, I humbly remove their links as they have done to mine.

If you think you still want to exchange link with me. I am still willing to exchanged links with you. But make sure that you tell me first if you have decided to delete my link or not.

I thank you for exchanging links with me. A pleasure do it with you. I am still open to those who wished to exchange links.

to be continue.....


  1. hello soon to be mommy! how was your weekend? I am also going to clean my link list soon.. some of the blogs in my link list is not active.

  2. hi Nova, Kumusta ang new york. Hows life na? Preggy na ka? WOW! kanus a ka manganak dhay?

  3. @prettymom:weekend is tireful, saon i have work on saturday for 8 hours and talking for the maximum of hours makes me tired...

    @bernadeth:new york is cold, life is amazing, and yes i'm on my 24 weeks now. my due will be on feb. 11, 2010


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