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Candies for Trick or Treaters

These are the candies for our trick or treaters that some never showed up. I don't know why, now that we have bought so many candies than last year, there were only at least 5 batch of the trick or treaters showed up. We bought some Reese, Hershey, Almond Joy, Peanuts and more.

I was kinda upset because I was really excited to see those kids with their costumes. That really amuses me. But oh well, maybe next year would be totally different again.

When I take a look outside that house I can barely see kids walking and passing the house. I am not sure why. We even put sign board and welcome them to our house. But that's okay well just wait for another year. Might be not the same.


  1. pang hatag na dre sa akoa anak.. LOLZ..

  2. basi palong emo light sa gawas mao wla sila nangadto.. sayang

  3. I hope that more kids will participate next year. It makes Halloween fun if there are more treat or trickers. And I love Reese's! Maybe next time you have to include "We have Reese's" in your welcome sign...Hehe

  4. next year maybe different sis. when that time comes your baby will be joining them already. hows your preggy life sis? missec chatting wt u sis. many things have happend to me na. and maybe in yours too.

  5. wow...pang hatag na dire mommy para sa ako anak.. hehehe.. anyways dropping in here after a long absence

  6. @ruby: na unsa palong day nga super ka siga kaayo oi.. pati living room gani siga..jud... pero sige lang maybe next time diba? mao lagi tell akong in law nga its different in every other year daw....

    @postcard printing: i just notice i have swapped that treat or trickers thingy.... oh well...yeah.. i was really excited and turns out only few just showed up...

    @imelda: oh yeah, i just noticed in your blog that your quite busy lately so i definitely understand you. don't worry i always follow your blog whether you have some updates or not.... maybe we'll skip next year since our baby is too young and might be cold outside and since he can't appreciate it yet...well just buy him costume and well stay inside the house.. maybe when his 1...

    @prettymom:sus, ug puede ra jud ba kay akong bana ra jud intawon naghinay2x ug lamoy tanan aning mga chocolate.. hahahah

  7. daghan ko opps kay PR3 man .. first time nko nka PR..


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