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More Decors for Halloween

Days before the Halloween, I was surprised when Jeff bought more Halloween decors. He sometimes or seldom do this without me. But I am glad that he bough some. Because I am eager to add more Halloween Decors inside and outside the house. Aside from the pumpkin that we already bought.

After I saw this items, I immediately light up the two candle holder and put one of each in the living room and one on the table in our dining room. Oh the tablecloth? Never used it, just save it for next year.


  1. hi nove..sure..we can exlinks..just tell if u've done adding so i can add yours...tnx for considering

  2. ahh pang next year! after sa halloween ang mga decoration kay 50% off , pati chocolates..

  3. The ghost and jack o lantern candle holders are cute. Guess the tablecloth will have to wait until next year. :-)

  4. About your question, I don't have blogroll in that site. And thanks for your compliment about my blog :D


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