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Hassle of using firefox in my computer

That is what I have been experiencing lately with the latest updated Mozilla. I am not sure what is the reasons behind but lately the new version isn't performing well. This kind of crashed happens to me very often, especially while I am downloading pictures.

Have you encountered such reports and crashed? Hopefully, that they'll be able to fix this because even if they are really free to use and the user isn't happy of the performance. They'll end up using different browser instead.


  1. i do mommy nov's, I encouter this error two times na and everytime this happen the monzilla browser wont open so I need to unsinstall and download it.. annoying!!!

  2. So far I haven't encounter any problem using Mozilla, then again maybe its just a matter of when.

  3. Anonymous10:43 PM

    hi sis buti nga eh hahhaha curious kasi ako mukhang pusa hahahah =)

  4. Oh so I am not the only one whose issue is all about the annoying updated version of firefox. If they can fix this errors immediately then it may cause them loss in the long run.
    Kaya natin yan te.=)

  5. hello Novah! happy thanksgiving day!

    ahhh. yup. that happens to me, too many times. actually, just today, already happened three times. firefox just crashed down while in the middle of creating a post (good thing that it's instant saving in Blogger otherwise, i would have to begin from the very beginning... ouch!). it states: restart firefox. but whenever i click on to restart it, it wanted me to restart again. what i usually do is to click quit firefox instead and open a new firefox window. hassle!

    have a great day Nova!

  6. I have the exact same thing happening to me using the new updated Firefox. It is so annoying, especially when I'm dropping EC's.
    I think I need to free up some space on my C drive and do a defrag.

    have a great weekend,



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