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Still looking for shoes

Oh this isn't for me, but for my father and eldest brother. I am buying them shoe for Christmas, since they are both not around it is really hard for me to find the one they would like. We went to the malls, and to the other stores to find the right shoe size they have. I am concerned because if it won't fit them, there would be no way of me asking for an exchange to the right side. They are in the Philippines and I have to ship these gifts all the way there.

I asked to measure their foot using the tape measure that way I would be able to tell the salesperson to get me the shoe size with the size of this and that. Father and bro were not as picky as other men, they will be grateful to accept no matter what is given to them as a Christmas gift?

Aside from that, I went online to check that I could also find online website too, but the shoes. Fortunately, I do have found a great website where they have this branded shoes like Nike, Adidas, Converse, KSwiss, RBK, now offer custom shoes. I'm so happy because I could just ask them to look at the website and give me the link once they have found the shoes they want.

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