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What the!!!!

I am really pissed lately to one of the paid post I joined. Why? Because no matter how I corrected the "wrong grammar" they indicate and keep insisted I could not figure out on what to do next.

I asked for help from a friend and even asked his hubby as well, just to make sure that I'm submitting the correct grammar.

But still not good enough for this maarte na paidpost. How difficult do they have to give me this task? And what an great gift I was set to an auto rejected? Hahahaha... this is getting ridiculous.

They are being so hard with me. And I don't know what else to do? If they can only be more specific what went wrong?


  1. hahhaha! which paidpost? heheh

  2. would rather not to be more specific... and its not funny though...thanks for the comment....

  3. Aguy kabalo ko ana nga paidpost kay we have same problem. Nagpost ko then ila reject kay too many wrong grammar daw then ako gipaedit sa akoa hubby nga he is good in English then iya pa gyd gigrammar check my goodness wa nako nagkuha og paidpost sa ilaha kay like that problem. Katulo ko gireject bisan daghan na ang nag-edit...nag-email ko sa ilaha but no answer.

  4. sis i had the same experience, too before that I decided to re do the post. kapoy cge ug edit nga feeling nato korek na.

  5. hay.. mommy you're not alone it seldom happened to me and my best buddy Imelda is always to the rescue..

  6. sa SS ni? hahah same here, ka pilagyud gakareject akoapost, dili pud na sila pwede mag sunod ug post paid, maka sapot!!!

  7. @momgen,imelda,prettymom,ruby: Hay, i'll give one more chance if mareject pa jud gani ni.. na keber oi.. di na jud ko...kakapoy ra kadaghan pa man mga paidpost nga salihan...makasapot jud...


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