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My Birthday Cards

My Birthday has passed a month ago, and since I haven't shared so many things about yet for weeks. I am sure you are still eager to know what happened. So, I am starting to the Birthday Cards that I got during my very special day. I love them all and I did keep it for future remembrance.

This was from the Love of my Life....

This is from my in laws...


  1. Oh, thats so sweet. Parang gusto ko nang mag asawa kung ganyan ba lahat ng lalaki dito sa pinas. hehe

  2. Belated happy birthday sweet jud ang imong hubby ug in laws:-)

    wishing you all the best and have a safe deliver with a healthy baby:-)

    i send email to your gmail..pls check it out..

  3. wow! belated belated belated happy birthday sexy Novah! hope you are doing well. I know how excited and happy you are for your upcoming baby! stay healthy... labyah!

  4. Thank you so much guys for the warm wishes... you all are so sweet and thoughtful....God Bless always...

  5. Nindot siya ay...

  6. they're nice, sis. when diay imo bday? wa ko kabalita da. belated happy birthday na lang, novs! best wishes! mwahugs!


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