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Never Liked it

I am talking about the new version of the ppp. I have never liked it since they finally decided to upgrade their website and so does the rules and regulations upon getting the paid post. I can't do rally about it because I am only one of those bloggers who needs extra income online.

I would like to protest of voice out what's my perspective but I doubt they'll be able to revert it back to the old version.

As for now, I never like it but still I'm a good fan of them too. What about you? Do you have the same feedback as I do? Oh come on, don't deny it. I know you don't like it too as much as I am.


  1. Ay mao diay di nako kasign in sa ppp old version hay kapait....hoy mag solicit unya ko sa imoha ha kay para sa akoa project saon 500 ka families ang nabahaan sa amoa. Any amount will help...

  2. I've just checked the new Blogger Templates: they are very functional but perhaps with the code a bit difficult to write.

  3. hello Novah,
    how many sites do you have, I already followed this one I think about two or three months ago.
    If you have other sites that I haven't followed yet pls let me know. I'll be glad to do so.
    I will also add you in my blogroll.

  4. hi nov..sus wala na jud ko kabisita sa ilang site...dugay nako wala makuha sa ilang opps..

    kumosta na?

  5. in postlink naman ang PPP, actually ganahan ko kay link ra emo e butang, maski unsa pana emo esulat,, hahaha.. katongisa ka PPPv4 ambot wla pa sad ko..

  6. i have tried working sa pppv4 and sa inpost links na sis. saon work man atong gipoangita LAGI and the equivalent dollars , lol


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