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8 Things you should know about me... update tag

It is been a while since I received a tag from a co-blogger lately. I enjoyed being tag because I get to know more about this person who shared me with the tag. And so, Thank you Life's Journey from Momgen. I really appreciate that you have never forgotten me to include on this tag. Here's my update;

8 TV Shows I like to watch

1. American Idol
2. Jeaopardy
3. The Price Is Right
4. Singing Bee
5. Family Feud
6. A Wheel Of Fortune
7. Smarter Than a Fifth Grader
8. nothing more

8 Favorite Place to Dine-out

1. Chinese Restaurants
2. AppleBees
3. Red Lobster
4. KFC
5. Mc Donald
6. Olive Garden
7. Dennis
8. Arbies

8 Things I look forward too.

1. Visit Philippines this year
2. Visit Florida to see Disneyworld
3. My Delivery
4. wedding anniversay
5. my b-day
6. hubby's b-day
7. vacation
8. to look for a better job

8 Things that happen yesterday

1. I got up too early
2. sleep before getting to work
3. blog hop thru Ecard
4. signed up for early out at work
5. clean my work cubicle before my leave
6. nice to customer eventhough i'm cranky
7. list what we still need for the baby
8.  cook for my lunch

8 Things I love About Winter

1. Snow
2. hubby is home early
3. different from other season
4. cold but i like the coolness
5. snow is just everywhere
6. earth looks pure
7. funnnnnnn
8. more snow....

8 Things I’m Passionate About

1. My family
2. House
3. Blogging
4. Earn more
5. scrapbook for baby
6. cleaning
7. singing
8. learning new things

8 Word/Phrases I often Used

1. Samuka!!!
2. Love you Mahal
3. Hello
4. How are you?
5. Be safe
6. I miss you
7. Later
8. see you

8 Things I learned from the past

1. Be patient
2. Believe you can do it
3. Be strong
4. Be considerate
5. Trust and believe on Him
6. Miracles happen all the time
7. Accept the fact and embrace the reality
8. Hold fast till I come God said...

8 Blog Friends I want to tag

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Josie's Window


  1. Hi Nova...

    Salamat sa tag. I'll try and do it later...pwamis!

    Lapit na ba maternity leave mo? Naku malapit ka ng maging mader...wooo's the most challenging but an even more fulfilling experience.

    Ate J

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  3. thank you very much... this tag will surely help me.... have a nice day....

  4. thanks Nov for the tag..

  5. Thanks for doing the tag...TC

  6. Hi ate, tahnk you for tagging me. I'll post this too. thank you thank you :-)

  7. Oh Novs you're a Snow person! Brrrrr....brrrr... Ilove summer more.:)

  8. The Philippines really is a great place to visit. Especially the beaches and the ocean. perfect tourist destination.

  9. nice tag sis.

    anyway, got a tag for u...

  10. Anonymous3:23 PM

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