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Our Christmas Tree at Home

I'm pretty sure that this entry is way too late for me to post. I would rather share you what I had done forget about it right? Okay good, this is the transformation of my tree from the plain one to the one that has its bling-bling. Nothing's new on that tree, not even the gifts for the whole family. Oh except for the curtain. I bought these maroon color to make sure that the living room will look different since from that day that I got here.

I'm pretty sure everyone did share what was their Christmas Tree looked like so it is my turn. And besides, I have to make sure I have given you some breaks regarding Jeff's Kiss collection too.


  1. Looks pretty Novs...Hoy got you a tag hope you get it...

  2. cute namn parang white Christmas, tamang tama sa color ng curtain mo, lutang na lutang ang kulay..

  3. white snow christmas hahaha. how was the shower party kumare?

  4. hello novs! liwas naman ang pasko, amo tree ghipos na pang next year!

  5. @Gengen: Thanks i'm grabbing that tag...

    @Josie: uu, i would rather share what kind of xmas tree we have...

    @Imelda: the shower is fun as in FUN jud... too bad you missed it... sunod nlng puhon

    @Ruby:Dugay ko na ni gihipos day, akoa ra gi show unsay nawong sa among xmas tree hehehehe...


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