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Antique player

Do you have any idea on what the heck is that thing? If you pay attention to my title, that is what it is. An antique player. Jeff mentioned this before I got to see this player upstairs together with his other KISS Stuffs. I thought this is damage or won't play, but I was wrong. One night when I got home from work, I heard this thing playing the record songs the band has. And take note, the sound is still a blast and working pretty much great. As if in its good condition. Don't worry I still got more shocking discovery here on what Jeff has.

Oh by the way, this is where it all started when he started to LOVE and have passion with his KISS stuff.


  1. hi nov,

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  3. so ur getting to know much of jeff's hobbies now are u kumare?

  4. Hahaha....baka bigla kang makakita ng 'mina' know, something so 'old' na it will cost tens of thousands of dollars.....dito sa amin walang antique....ako lang! Hahaha...

    Congrats sa iyong easy pregnancy. Alam mo I also had a 'textbook' pregnancy...boring din ang sa akin...until the delivery day. Di ako marunong mag-push eh so na CS tuloy ako. Malaki kasi baby ko din...she was 8.2 lbs and I was barely 100 lbs when I had her.

    Thanks for the visit Novs...

    Te Juls

  5. Hi Nova! Have a blessed Sunday!

  6. hi novs! nice naman nyan.. basi pwede na ibaligya ug mahal..lolz

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  7. haha same with my husband there are certain things that he possess nga antique sad kaau pero in fairness mga nindot pa baya ug nawng..karaan lang jud ug style lolz.. passing through lang here Nova saying hi.

  8. Hi sis...musta ka na? It's been a long time since I last visited here, but it's good to be back...But did I read it right, from Mommy J's comment that you're pregnant? That's wonderful! Hope you're having a healthy and easy pregnancy. When are you due? I just gave birth by the way, it's another boy!!

    Debbie :)

  9. wow, antik jud tan-awn bisan sa picture lang. hehe maayo kay iya na gi preserve. akong bana sad naay mga butang nga magulang pa nako. :)

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