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Parts where to buy

My second older brother way back in Philippines, really love about motorcycle. That is his passion as other men has. Which is really fantastic, the kind of motorbike he got was a Raider, not the big bikes that we usually seen here in US. Now, as being far away from his wife, and no child yet that is where he puts all his passion for the meantime. Might as well, than thinking of doing something immortal. I could remember that he wants me to check out parts for his baby here but since I am not so so good when it comes to find a good part, and neither Jeff is. I do research online where he can check out even though he is in Philippines. Because he can just shipped it to my address here and then we will send it to him once he got the final order and it would also save him with the shipping. I finally found Rivco. For sure he would love these website for he can check out part where to buy things or other accessories for his baby motorbike. I do am a motorbike lover myself, but Jeff just don't want me to get involve with it as he knows people who died with a motorcycle. He commented that, This is not the same as Philippines, no matter how careful you are other drivers were reckless enough to put you in danger.

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  1. I think this is true. Some drivers in the Philippines are a bit reckless, and it is not really safe to drive a bike there.


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