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Update on being a NEW MOM

I must have not informed you all about how overwhelming it can be to be a mom. For 9 months that you have carry that precious little human being inside you, it is more enthusiastic for me and my hubby to have him out of this world. He might be out a little too early on his due date but it is all worth it, because it is just for his safety that OB-GYN recommended him to be brought 5 days before his due date. He might not be the full 40weeks term but he is now considered as fully term. Safe for him to be delivered on that day.

After less than an hour of agonizing pain of labor, I finally brought and pushed him out on this world. I'm glad that traumatic experience is over. Now I am more focused on him on how to make sure that I will be giving him good nursing and takes care of him.

Being a new mom, is really fun. For me, since I was a lil girl, I really love kids and I wanted to have my own someday. So here it is. I am enjoying this moment because they will never be back to where they are now. They'll outgrow so fast and I don't want to miss snuggling with them when they were just days, weeks or months old that they can't complain if we give them tons and tons of kisses, hehehehe...

Gotta go for now.... he is crying...


  1. wow il be reading more of this baby posts, soon hahaha. naa pa ko'y utang sa akong inaanak jud. u did deliver the baby the natural way? glad u two are both safe

  2. was here today. Hope your in good health also your new baby.

  3. I'm sure it is overwhelming to e a mom, but it's good to know that you are prepared for it. It makes the whole thing a bit easier.

  4. Wow, Congrats ate. What is the name of your little angel? Ah, I'm excited to see post and pictures of your baby boy here. Happy for you "mommy nova" hehe

  5. Oh my! I am so happy for you and your husband, Nova! Ang saya!

    Hope you post some photos of your little angel!

    Hugs from me to you and your baby!

    Maxi of:
    Ovah' Coffee
    Health and Home Pages
    The Pastime Shelf

  6. wow enjoy every moment kay di na mobalik...

  7. HI ate, wala pa pala laman yung motherhood blg mo" hehe. Na eexcite na kasi ako sundan ang iyong buhay mommy :-)

  8. Congratulations Nova! Welcome to the amazing world of Motherhood!

  9. My kids are now 9 and 11 respectively. I miss the days of them being babies even with all the dirty diapers and midnight feedings. As your child grows you have all the firsts to look forward to. First smile, step, word, etc. What an exciting time. Have fun and enjoy because these times will go fast. ;o)

  10. yes it is fun and fulfilling at the same time too. enjoy each moment with chaos! love the name!

    congratulations again sis!


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