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Getting a license

I am taking videos for my son, so I could sent / share it with him when he grows up and also to send a copy for my family in Philippines on the days and events they missed with my little handsome guy. I told myself, I could also get a career out of this hobby and the only thing that I need in order to be certified is to get a video licensing. So, I surfed online and check where should I go that would give me easy information and ways to do it. Good thing is here to help those people who need to have their video license like me as easy and simple as they can. Curious? Go and check out the website now. So, I am getting my video license through them.

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  1. I actually wished my mom had a video of me when I was little. It would be nice to see how I moved or talked, as opposed to just seeing myself in still pictures. I think it is a fabulous idea.


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