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Package from Philippines

I really love my family in Philippines. Even though I am a thousands miles away from them. They still didn't failed to send me some amazing and yummy things that I love to have and eat. Got a package and under was what contains inside that box. I always excited when they said that they sent me something. Everyday in the mail, I am excited to see the mailman whether or not he got my package or not. Haven't you tried that feeling? I enjoyed and ate the pastries and some of the seasonings were still here and almost gone. Can't wait for another batch.


  1. Maayo ka pa diha Nova kay nakadaway ka akoa wa gyd na sila kahunahuna bisan kausa sige ra na sila wait sa akoa padala wa gani kathank you bisan card na lang maayo na lang ang kano malipay kita sa thank you card sigh:(

  2. It's always nice to hear from home and when they make you know that you are not forgotten even if you are far away. I'm sure they have sent you stuff that can only be found there and make you miss it more.

  3. wow thats great. if u dont mind novs, ask unta ko how much padala from pinas to US? mura dako man na imo package mga pila kaha na? i want some stuff from pinas pud then ill just send money so it's easier. i hope dili cya mahal kaau. :)

  4. that's so sweet of them sis! lucky u! (",)

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  6. hala kadaghan sa tableya. panghatag beh kay hurot na akong tableya. hehe ako sad naa paabuton nga package gikan Pinas. excited sad ko. :)

  7. Goods from home are aleays the best!

  8. how thoughtful.. enjoy your package! :-)

  9. uyy pulvoron! sarap yan!


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