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Christening Invitations

Another big event that I need to get ready for my son is his incoming Christening or Baptism. I have to make sure that I have to know what would be the requirements from the Church here. Gather the list of godparents, the food, date of the baptism and of course to make sure that I have invited those family and friends is the christening invitations. I am not sure if I can still make a good invitations as I want it to be unique and lovely one. Pretty sure with the help of the online websites, it gives me more time to just choose from the templates they have, designs, fonts and everything that I needed for the invitation and make it fast and quicker. I have to make sure that I create at least 2 to 3 designs from the website and show it to my hubby, because I want him to get involve with the preparation at the same time he would also feel that I really need his opinions. Which by the way makes the relationship even more stronger. I can't wait to purchase, save some for my scrapbook and to send it to my family and relatives about Chaos' baptism.


  1. I guess christening is a way of getting your child i the community and let more people know of his or her existence. I think it's cool how rituals bring family together.

  2. Anonymous7:08 AM

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