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Still Thinking...

On whether or not I will continue to make another website for my Motherhood experiences. I have already 3 blogs that I manage and having a hectic schedule between my son and online. I seldom updates all 3 of the blogs. I adhere to neglect my blogs but recently? What can I do? I have more priority today than this. And I don't like being delayed at all especially on visiting back those people  who gives effort on dropping Entrecards and spend time to leave comments on my entries. That is why I am still thinking if this time would be the best to continue my Motherhood blog. Thanks to crucialbliss for encouragement, but I can't promise yet for now. And the only thing that I need to do for now, is to make sure that I have an updated blog and returns the favors to each blogger who gives effort to visits me.


  1. As your reader, I would understand whatever you decide upon. If you decide to stop blogging, you can comeback anytime you want to, right? Goodluck.

  2. You are absolutely right about that...

  3. I have 2 blogs and after I gave birth I can't cope up on everything. I had the time to blog and play FB games when Claira sleep most of the time but now that she's crawling fast and almost walking, I give up FB games(not totally yet) most of the time and sometimes won't open the computer all day but that's what I chose. :)

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  5. that would be a nice idea, sis. try mo. kaya mo yan. hehe.

    anyway, favor sis, kindly update my url pls. from to

    thanks a lot!

  6. HI ate so hectic na nga po tlga sked mo. Pero po sa tingin ko mas enjoy ang maging mother kesa sa mag online. :-)


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