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I have passed my learner's permit exam the day that I first took it. I was procrastinating about taking the written examination for some dumb reasons. I've waited for almost  2 years before I finally convinced myself to give it a try. 

Hubby brought the drivers manual from the DMV a year ago so I could read it whenever I have time. But it didn't work, it only last for a month for me to open the manual never even take it seriously. He told me that how can I pass the written examination when I don't read and learn about the traffic rules and regulations.

Another advantage for me was that I drove way back when I was in Philippines. Although, we don't have strict traffic rules and regulations I was an law abiding citizen. I've only got my student permit and again procrastinates on pursuing to get my non-professional driver license. But still, I wasn't afraid to take the wheel and drive motorbike.

So, anyways it was last April 20th that I finally decided. Lucky enough I passed it. Also before I took the exam I went to DMV's website to take the online quiz. Which really helps because mostly of the questions that I encounter was from the website. And also familiarization due that I have already driven before. Overwhelmed enough that I don't need to worry to take the written exams again, I paid for my learner's permit ID which cost me $67.50 too much huh! at least I'm done for the for now.

Now my other project aside from the driving practice I have is to make sure that I take time to look for a nice exterior shutters. I do have the website information but then again I procrastinates a lot. I do hope it won't take years before I decide and force myself to give time on it.


  1. Congrats and good luck on the next test!

  2. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Hi Sis, hayyy oo nga eh, sana mawala ang scar ko. ayaw ko kaya magkaroon ng 3 inch line sa mukha except sa laugh lines.

    Buti nalang ang movers ang nagpapack and unpack pagdating sa new place eh decide na lang kung saan ilalagay. Kahit papano less stress.

  3. Congratulations Nova! Ang galing ah!


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