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First Driving Practice

The day that I knew I passed my written examination for a learners permit. I am way too excited to wreck my husband's car. No... I'm just kidding... Seriously, I'm way too excited to hold the wheel spin and hit that pedal. 3 days after that, we decided to go to the spacious parking lot of the mall here. 

Of course, I have to bring my learners permit ID and leave the baby to much safer place which is at Grandma's house. So she could enjoy him while we [me and hubby] are trying to figure things out about my practice. 

After 30 minutes of driving practice, my instractor [hubby] told me it wasn't bad. We didn't wreck his car and I'm pretty much easy to teach with. Another thing is that a big advantage for me since, I have driven before. I am not sure when would be the next day for my driving lesson.

Moreover, while we are on the parking area I have notice a small booth where you can buy gold bullion or sell. It is pretty much that caught my attention and right after we've done with our practice I asked my hubby to sneak a peak on the place. Good thing he did and I was amaze. Wanting to buy but can't afford it for now.


  1. Goldbullion? WOw!aRE YOU KIDDING? never saw one yet.

  2. wow so ul drive sooner, im happy for u mare. u will declare idnependence soon hahaha. btw i click on ads here, pls do so with mine aron maka kwarta sad ta. ay lang pirmiha kay mabuklo ta

  3. @Roj: I'm not kidding ..its true...

    @Imelda: yup my dear... soon enough i'll have my own driver's license can go anywhere anytime without waiting for a free you mean the google ads sis?

    sige, sige akong ipang click. na wa pa jud koy kita aning akong mga ads drea oi...

    thanks anang imong suhestion ha?


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