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No More Entrecard

That's right... from this day on I won't be posting the TOP 10 droppers of entrecard. Instead I'm posting it on my right side bar and keep them for the whole month until the next month is ended. Oh... I don't mean I won't be dropping Entrecards or I got trouble with them. Just a full thank you to those who never fails to drop me definitely deserves a nice treat.

So, I've decided to do it that way. If you want to check out if you were on my top 10 list? scrolled down my sidebar list and you'll see what I mean.



  1. Oh my hope was gone. hahaha, I always wish to top the list, but I never was even at the least. Because of my hectic schedule I could not even update my blogs. whew!

  2. i wish to be here soon, too

  3. girls you still got time

  4. Oh, that is very nice of you Nova.I will trymy best todrop by and get the prize.... ^^


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