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Lucky enough

I'm telling about the lucky day I have which is today. What makes me said that? Because I just grab at least  3 opportunities for my blogs. Will give me additional income in the next month. Yes, I need every single penny because now that I don't have job. I've got nothing to have except for my online income. Aside from the extras my hubby gave me. I would also love to earn on my own. It feels so good before I've got the job because I can buy anything I want anytime, anywhere. Got more savings income and we go out often. It is not that I don't enough my situation now. It's more worth it and fantastic than working.

I do hope that I've got more opportunities to come. Crossing my fingers for that and make sure that I'll be fast enough too.


  1. That's goodnews then my friend.. All the nbe best for your earning feat through blogging.

  2. That's true Roj, but sometimes wala akong nakukuha maybe because i'm too late due to deal with my son first then here... or just simply they don't have that much offer...


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