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I'm making it

Desperately, I have done this twice now and it seems that it isn't working pretty good. I followed the recipes my sisters gave me but I don't know what went wrong? Am I too anxious to finish making the syrup/caramel toppings? It stills not what you expect and I definitely needs help on making this dessert in the third time, because I can't risk the ingredients anymore. What am I talking about? How to make BIKO or they called it sweet sticky rice cake.

I stay up very late last Saturday night to make sure I have enough time to make and this time it would be good. Impossibly I am not sure about it. Now I have to bake the toppings in the oven just to make sure it'll be hard and very much sticky.

Another displease outcome for the second attempt on making this BIKO. When will I be able to make it perfect? When?


  1. Hahaha, will perfect it ate on the third time. Practice makes perfect though it could make you spend more before perfecting it. Sarap niyan ah, pege po.

    Te, yung Angels in Life nalang po ang hindi ko pa na i aad, but I am adding it now.Your Supernova and Spices of life is already link in my page. :-)

  2. When I was still in college I always tried to make stuff like these, or bake a cake or cook but unfortunately they don't like me as much as I like doing them because I always fail. So I never tried them again. :( I like BIKO too, they really taste good and I like them more if it's from the the refrigerator because it's cold :)

  3. upppss... just take your time mami nov's. for sure you will perfect it in time..

  4. i easily get frustrated when i try something and it won't turn out the way i wanted. every time i said "the food i cooked doesn't taste good", hubby asked me "how did other people know how to cook good foods"? then he'll continue, "they probably made mistakes at first. maybe they tried 10 or 20 times before they make it perfect". then i said "but it's a waste of money" and hubby said "it will be a waste of money but you won't learn and know how to make it right if you give up right away". hehe sakto sad sya dah so smile na lang ko. :)

    i tried making a black biko last week and the result was not good. i throw the biko to the garbage coz the rice is not cooked. lami na raba unta ang latik pero ang rice tagudtod pa jud. sayang pero mo try pa ko hangtud kapuyon na. hehe just keep on trying novs. pareha ta ani, dali ra ma disappoint kung di perfect ang first try. di ka nag-iisa my friend. :)

  5. you'll make it right soon, sis. just be patient. ako, wa jud ko idea unsaon, even in regard to the ingredients. i'm not a fan of biko rin kasi. hehe.

    good luck on the next round. (",)

  6. patience is a virtue sis hahaha. u wull be able to perfect it soon. i dont know how to cook it myself, too. i let my sis in law cook biko for me.

  7. allow Novs, thanks for dropping by in my blogs. how have u been?

    practice makes perfect, bisan na screwed up ang first 2 attempts ayaw surrender kay later on ma perfect na nimo..good luck.

  8. They say making mistakes are part of what perfection is. You'll surely do better next time!

    Take care!


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