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We Finally discuss it

About the plan that we will be having for our son's baptismal. I am glad the everything is great with my and hubby. Sometimes, because I am so spoiled and I want it that way I don't listen to his idea we end up debating with each other. For some reason, I could not hold my emotion now [this starts when I left home and move here] I choose not to speak with him. Yeah, I am glad that things are working pretty well. Now we have a good plan for the BIG DAY. Got to inform the rest of the family and friends who will be joining us in celebrating this Big Day. 

A very special day, My son is going to accept Christ in his life and live with the faith my church thought me as well as my family did. And I make sure that we [me and hubby] will be able to give a wonderful life to our son.

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  1. Happy to hear ate Novs, that everything is falling according to your plan. May God bless you more, your Baby specially and your family.

    Ate, I remember ma eexpire na po pla ang domain ko next month, can you help me again? cause i dont know what to do, thank you te, censya na po.


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