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Before Mother's Day

It is my very first time to celebrate mother's day. I was a mother to my niece and nephews before but it's way too different when you really have your own child. The feeling is overwhelming sometimes you can't even express it. But I make sure that I'll do my best to share it here.

So, Friday evening right after my husband was off to his work. We went to the mall so he could buy me my Mother's Gift, same as to his Mother's incoming birthday. I really wanted to give his Mom a purse, handbag. Good thing Sears/ JCPenny were on sale during that day we have a great deal. We bought his Mom a purse, card, plants and dark chocolates [she loves it]. All in all the  gift is combined as Mother's Day and Birthday.

You might be interested on what my husband bought for me. A handbag because I really needed new one. I gave my oldie  to my Mom and ship it to Phils. Two piece Arizona tube shirt, we look for a new jeans but since we don't have enough time and I don't want to be in rush. I told him that we can pick the jeans maybe later.

It was at least two or three hours roaming inside the Mall because I'm way too picky when it comes to pursues or handbags. Now I'm enjoying and I'm loving it. I guess I'll just exchange jeans for a shoe.


  1. Typical woman!Picky! ^^
    The fact that you enjoyed it a lot after you have it is worth the search....

  2. Ako Nova girl mahilig ko shoes mopalit na daghan kaayo ko sandals and shoes than jeans....


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