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Lunch at Pizza Hut

We have so many errands to finish one Saturday Morning. Woke up around 9am usually since it's weekend we woke up around 11am. Yes, pretty much we missed almost the half day of Saturday. Went to the post office to buy some stamps and drop off some letters, my husband did his test at Pizza Hut. So while he doing that we have order one large pizza with cheese side toppings I love it. I got my pineapple bacon and ham and he got his other half of the pizza. I don't remember what he got on his toppings but I kid you not we ate the whole pizza. That's how starving we are, because it took 45 minutes for the order to be given to us.

Inspite of that delayed of the food we still have some time to just sit there hanging out with our son, while eating with our pizza.


  1. yummy yummy pizza! i love pizza and yogi and I had our share of greenwich pizza last friday. (",)

  2. Hiw big is your son na ba?

    45 minutes? Ang tagal!

  3. hahaha, ini imagine ko ate kung gano nga talaga kalaki yun. Kc dito 12' palang lula na ko sa laki ng pizza, tapos 45minutes ang inabot na oras sa!

  4. @lYNN: i LOVE PIZZA TOO, kaso lang napura na jud ko kay lagi akong bana kada uli from working at pizza hut mudala man ug pizza every saturday na ha.. so naa mi weekly supply lol...

    @Roj: my son is 3 months old na... uu 45 mins not sure why but my hubby said that they're cutting off employees kaya imbes madali natagalan dahil kulang sa tauhan...

    @Yen: I'm not sure i didn't measure it... pero for sure malaki sya di naman siguro kaiba sa large pizza hut size dyan sa atin.. natagalan lang dahilan sa kulang ang tauhan sa kitchen...


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