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Get one for FREE

Previous I mentioned about the collectible item that I love to buy and collect and use. Now, this is the get one FREE that I had when I bought the first pair. It really caught my attention right away. It took me minutes to look for a new pair of earring, but this one instantly without any hesitation. I had use this earrings twice now and I'm loving it.

While we continue roaming in the Mall, my vision all of a sudden gets blurry. No I am not pregnant again, not in a couple of years or so. But just to make sure that it's only my vision that has problems and not something that is worst than that. We [Me and my sister in law with her child] went to the eye doctor in the Mall, while I was there I was checking about the o2 optix contact lenses. And I tell myself that nothings wrong because this is what I have to deal with later if I needed to do something with my vision.


  1. take care sis. nausea may be a sign that ur anemic.

  2. hmmm...thanks sis, sometimes maybe i'm just tired... kay i got all this lab test pretty well my results are all negative...


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