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Mahal's Birthday Celebration

Last May 26th, Wednesday of this Month was my one and only love's birthdate celebration. Okay, he insist that we only have one birthday and that's the day that our Mother brought out on this world. And I said FINE!.. your birthdate celebration, that's why I would like to mention it here as his birth date celebration. Because he reads my blogs and if I don't follow what he corrected me about he'll approached that thing to me once he got a chance to see and remember this. 

So anyhow, nothing isn't really happening for the whole day. I can't make a cake because I babysit my sister in law's kids. They don't take naps and I have to make sure that by the time baby C is awake, both kids will be watched.

He has worked, came home at 4:30pm. I keep convincing him to just eat dinner in a restaurant just him, me and our baby C. Just a family thing since there will be a big event happening on Sunday for his celebration. Finally, we had our dinner at Applebee's. After that we decided to go home, because it is also the Season Finale or Grand Finals of the American Idol Season 9. Even though we have DVR,  we want to watch it so bad.

Got home, sit on the couch while baby C is asleep watch American Idol. That's how simple we both celebrated his Birth Date.


  1. Sometimes we think that not having a party during the day of our birthday is incomplete, but the truth is being alive and healthy during our birthday celebration is already a huge blessings from God. Happy Birthday to your hubby ate. :-)

  2. I totally agree with you Yen. thanks for the drop...

  3. Hi Novs, salamat sa visit ug sa nice comments...many times nag comments ka sa akong posts pero karon ra gyod ko naka visit back sa imo, sorry..Ty kaayo!!!

    Anyway, Agreed ko sa first comment made...Happy belated b-day sa imong mahal!!!!sorry sa belated greeting...

  4. not a problem lisa...thanks for the greetings..


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