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Heading to Buffalo

Not today but tomorrow. Hurray! Another trip, well not really a trip just a joy ride. We are picking up my sister in law at the airport. She will be home tomorrow from Florida. She went to school there and now since schooling is over she is coming home. It is about a good time because it will be my son's first visit in Buffalo City. Going to other place doesn't bother me at all in fact I do love travelling. Although I've been there due to Immigration purposes and the wonders of Niagara falls. I still want to see the airport, since I have not been there before.

Speaking of summer there are so many things that we planned to do this season. I was thinking of a lake willoughby rentals. It would be an awesome experience for me and my son a family thing. Of course, my husband's family are also welcome to come and join us. The more the merrier and better. I am so excited over the things lately, so many things to get accomplished and so many things to enjoy before winter comes. 

What about you? Do you have any plans this Summer?

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  1. Wow, happy family trip to buffalo ate nova:-)


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