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Remembering the good old days...

It is really nice to feel remembering the old days you have with your best friends way back home. I missed the bonding we usually have. The fun and outing or just simply sit with them talk for hours and hours. 

I found this picture in one of the photo album I am looking in my compiled Cd. It is a bit funny with all those ads at the back. 

You might be wondering where is this place. This is located at the LBC office in KCC, Gensan Philippines. Yes my dear friend works there for a quiet sometime. After work, I usually come down and sees her, and this time we decided to make goofy poses while she finishes up her work. Everytime I reminisced those days with her it brings smile in my face. 

But things must move on, I am here now and she's no longer working in the company. Before I left she was hired in the local hospital for year. Things happens in the years we are apart. I have now a baby, full pledge mother and wife and she has to fulfill her dreams soon too. 

Speaking of baby, I still need to bug my husband to finish the baby nursery that once we planned to have. Now our son is growing up and soon enough he'll need his own room. I don't want to wait for that. I want everything is ready before he weans to sleep on his own room.

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