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Heart Shape Strawberry Fruit...

Your vision is absolutely normal, nothings wrong with it. It's just that my camera for some reason has strange focus in it. I love to do strawberry picking, although I haven't tried it in a wide field yet. I did find this odd heart shape strawberry. And no matter how much I tried to get a clearer vision it shows that the backyard was the one who obviously more clearer. 

This are the routinely works I did in our everyday life. If it wasn't with my son around me. I will totally be bored to death again. Well of course, by then I am at work talking and talking and talking. 

Oh speaking of work, I was sort of curious about joining this Pacifico Webtrek that I found online. I was searching legitimate work at home and it leads me into this website. While I was reading the  content and what you can do, it is actually pretty much interesting. But before I dive in this one, I must talk this with my husband that way we can compromise our schedule with our son.

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