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Strawberry plant

This is our Strawberry plant on the side of our garage. The bigger leaves where the one we bought in the store a year ago and decided to plant it together with the wild strawberry we have already. As you can see that there are flowers already and it is ready for to bare a fruit. I was really excited to see this because it would be not much long for the fruits to start poping out. What would be the next? We will see and I make sure that I update you on what happen next.


  1. Hi Friend how are? visiting here please visit me back.

  2. wow u have strawberry plant, its exciting indeed. i only see strawberry plants when i go benguet province.

  3. @interior: thanks for the visit...

    @rosabelmoreno: i'm doing good thanks for the visit

    @imelda: here you can plant them anywhere... provided that you have a nice ground and soil to put them with..


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